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extended raised IOP and posner schlossman syndrome

Hi all,
Thanks for reading this post! I was dx with posner schlossman syndrome in my left eye when I was 18. I have recurrent episodes of raised IOP (personal record was 50mmHg), when the IOP was raised, I was on Combigan (2x daily) and Pred forte (up to 4x daily), I would have a review and if the IOP returned to normal I would be tapered off the drops,  I am now 25yo, I have been on prophylactic Azagar and Flarex 1x day,

Just 2 months ago I had a recurrent episode of raised IOP (35) in my left eye again, I have tried alphagan, flarex, maxidex, azagar, but none of them seen to have been able to lower the pressure for two months now. I am now on 3x diamox daily, 2x azagar, 1x xalatan however this pressure has remained high at 25-28 and I wake up every morning with blurred vision and seeing strong halos around lights.
I have being seeing an opthamologist for the past 7 years, I am wondering if it's time to get a second opinion? and should I be extremely concerned about this eye?

Thanks for your help
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Posner-Schlossman does tend to be episodic and to resolve between attacks.  However, if your eye pressure is persistently high, it may be time to see a glaucoma specialist for an evaluation.  Whether or not further treatment such as surgery is indicated will depend upon the health of your optic nerve and the status of the visual field.
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