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eye blood vessel burst

hey i would really appreciate it if anyone can help me with this subject
see my dad just yesterday went to sleep as usual but he woke up and there was like a large bloody red spot on the white of  his right eye to the side of hid nose!
so he went to see the doctor since he never had experienced this before and had no clue how it happened it is painless
the doctor checked his eye sight it was normal .dad does have a high blood pressure yet he moniters it and takes medication to help keep it in balance.
he did also check his blood pressure today and the doctor saw that it was normal yet he suggested that his blood pressure might have hit at night causing a blood vessel burst in his eye
another doctor suggested after seeing that his blood pressure was normal that it might have been a small sieger ....
so plz a kind request i would apreciate it if u would tell me if this is something to worry abt and what r the tests to be taken in this case and what would cause the blood vessel in the eye to burst
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Spontaneious bright red bleeding on the white of the eye, not associated with pain or reduced vision is generally a non-serious subconjunctival hemorrhage. About half the time a cause can be found including coughing, sneezing, heavy lifting, yoga stand on head exercises, something in the eye, or drugs such as heavy blood thinners (comadin-warfarin-heparin) or mild blood thinners like aspirin or plavix. The other half are "spontaneious" and no cause can be found. They are almost never due to high blood pressure which causes bleeing IN the eye.

I have no eye problems but have had two of these myself and rarely do I go a week without seeing one or two in the office. They are like a spontaneous bruise on the eye.

Nevertheless your father should see and Eye MD physician (Ophthalmologist) for a complete eye exam and at least once a year thereafter.

JCH III MD Eye Physician & Surgeon
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