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eye concerns from an asthmatic

so I've had good vision all my life, I'm 31 years old  and have never needed glasses, even though I think that will change in the next 5 or so years, things are getting slightly blurry, need a bit more light to read etc.  but thats normal, all my friends pretty much have glasses now.

however about 3 weeks ago I started to have muscle spasms around my left eye. the bottom of it, the top of it. not the eye itself but the eyelid and bottom...lid? and the corners. most of those stoped but I'm still getting eyelid twitches that are really annyoing.

I also have a slight bluring of vision, and it looks like crap is stuck to my eyelid. when I move my eye this crap sort of slides into place, and it's blurry around the crap where the crap itself is a dull yellowish color.

also I can't tell if I can feel a dull, something. it's kind of wierd because I can't tell if I feel it or that I just see it and that is giving me a sensation of a dull touch

I've been looking over some things, and also over the medications I have been taking for my asthma. one of the *rare* side effects for coordosteriods is cateracs and apparently there have been reports of people as young as 16 who develop them because of the medication. thats actually the scare that lead me to call my doc, the appointment is in 10 days.

however another thing is I've been having allergies/pressure build up. I've always had crappy sinuses, having sinus surgery 7 years ago (and probably need another one). I can feel the swell of my sinuses do to allergies and pressure, sometimes simply standing up gives me relief, or messaging. sudafed has been my friend several times. I also stopped going to my allergist because, well they closed down,looking for another one right now (weekly shots).

so I'm wondering if my allergies have something to do with it, or something like dry eye (could explain the twitches, right?).

I'm just sort of looking for someone to tell me that it's not cateracs.
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Cataracts would make your vision hazy all the time.  The more likely scenario is you have blepharitis or meibomian gland dysfunction.  A home treatment you can try is using warm compresses on both eyelids daily (for about 10 minutes) followed by scrubbing your eyelashes gently with some warm water +/- baby shampoo and using artificial tears for blurriness that comes and goes.   One way to be sure you are not developing cataracts is by going in to see an ophthalmologist for a full visit.

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