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eye damage

I have a foggy eye. It looks normal to the naked eye. But when look through it it has become so blurry I cant even see with magnified lenses.
It has come on in the past 6 months.  Could it be attributed to using a lighted magnification mirror up close?
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You need to have a full eye exam to make the diagnosis. Doubtful that the lighted mirror caused your problem.
Best wishes,
Timothy D. McGarity, M.D.
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Interesting you should bring up the lighted makeup mirror.  Last year I was diagnosed with Epiretinal membrane (scar tissue formed over my macula).
The tissue blurred my vision in that eye like you described.  Went to 3 Retina Specialists who said surgery was the only way to remove the scar tissue.

Then had a Vitrectomy/membrane peel and recovered vision mostly but had residual retina damage from the scar tissue tugging on the retina/macula and from the surgery.

Anyways, I often wondered if the bright lights from my 18X magnified make up mirror that I spent a lot of time up close to , could have possibly caused the initial damage to that eye/retina,,,hence the scar tissue build up.

I guess that we will never know, but now I tape a kleenex to the light bulb on my mirror to diffuse the light, and try not to spend as much time in front of it just in case.

Let me know what you discover in your case, OK ?  Have it checked out though, your Opthamologist should be able to see if there is scar tissue on your retina, then go to a Retina Specialist pronto.  
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