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eye dominance, monovision after cataract surgery

My right eye is -2.5 with an IOL, and my left eye is about -4 with a cataract.  When I test for dominance without glasses by focusing on a distant object, my right eye is dominant.  If I wear my glasses, which correct my distance vision in both eyes, and do the same test, my left eye is dominant.  I think my left eye is my sighting eye.  

I would like to know which eye is dominant because I will be getting cataract surgery in my left eye, and I am considering getting monovision by having it corrected for full distance vision.

thank you.

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You really need to spend some time with your doctor to determine which eye is dominant.  I personally as a surgeon would not correct the left eye for distance unless I was absolutely certain it was your dominant eye and even then I would still not be sure you would tolerate the monovision.  Why don't you have your doctor put a -4 contact in the left eye and have you try it for a while.  That would be your best bet.  If you like it, then it probably doesn't matter what the dominace test shows.
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Have your cataract surgeon determine which eye is dominant.  Full monovision is not usually recommended for people who have never tried it with contacts.  About 25% of those who try full monovision can't adjust to it.  Mini-monovision is a safer choice.
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