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eye floaters

Hi l think l have around ten or more eye floaters for past 15 years , probably slowly getting more over time, they started when l was around 35 . Most of them are the transparent type and a few black dot type that sort of look like moving flies. The transparent floaters dont bother me much although l would prefer they were not there, its the black dot floaters l hate, especaiily one in my left eye in central vision, if l could just get rid of that single black dot floater l would be happy. l think l read surgery and laser are the only two ways to get rid of them, l would'nt want surgery but would consider laser. What would the chances be of getting that single floater zapped with a laser, would it be difficult or unlikey my ophthalmologist would be able to locate and destroy it?
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Our practice does not use lasers for floaters so I have no experience. In the medical journals the response is tepid at best. Usually insurance not cover.

There are significant risks.

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Thanks , l'm 47 and l seem to slowly be getting more as a lget older, are they just a result of ageing or could there be something l am doing to wrong to create more such as taking lubricating drops for dry eye, glaucoma eye drops, watching too much TV or internet or not drinking enough water, can conjuctavitius create them
Floaters are part of aging. The material in the back of the eye is called vitreous when young it is like jello, as we age it turns into water, shifts around and pulls floaters into the watery fluid where they 'float".   By age 50- half of us have floaters by age 70 it 75?%.  Of course things like bleeding into the eye (diabetic retinopathy) or inflammation (uveitis) can cause an abnormal # of floaters. Floaters also more common in myopia.  The other things you mentioned not cause floaters.
THanks the transparent ones dont bother me its only one of two of the black dot floaters,  will they eventaully move out of central vision to where they are not noticable or disolve or disappear or will they most likely be there for life
No once can tell you for sure.  Most people they do drop out of the line of sight but impossible to say or give a time table.
No once can tell you for sure.  Most people they do drop out of the line of sight but impossible to say or give a time table.
l started getting some new flaoters 3 months ago the same time l started a new glaucoma eye drop Safulton which made my eyes a bit blood shot, could inflammation caused by the eye drops caused the new floaters or is that not possible and its just a coincidence they started to appear about the same time
Red eyes and irritation yes for sure, longer eye lashes definitely, floaters in extremely rare cases some patients have had "iritis'uveitis' from this medication. You would need to ask your ophthalmologist to examine your eyes and see if you have a co-incidence most likely or floaters due to iritis, not likely..
thanks you said some patients have had "iritis'uveitis from safulton medication in rare cases  , is sufullton more likely to cause "iritis'uveitis then other glaucoma eye drops or are its side effects  no worse then any other glaucoma eye drops.
The side effects are just different among classes of glaucoma medicine, the class safulton is in is the #1 family for glaucoma treatment and usual to cause problems as opposed to say a beta blocker eyedrop
hi l went to my ophthalmologist he said he could'nt see anything wrong causing the new floaters, l guess at 47 years old it must be aging that caused the new floaters, l have had some for ten years and gotten used to them, but these new ones are really annoying, the transparent ones dont bother me much its just the two new black dot floaters that look like  flies moving that really annoy me, could they fade in time to be more transparent . l did have SLT laser in one eye and it was a bit bloodshot for a few days , could that have caused some new floaters , but then l still had a new floater in the other eye that did'nt have SLT laser .
Floaters cause a great deal of anxiety and distress to people. Please follow this link and read two medical journal articles on the subject:
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