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eye irritation

For about two weeks I've had an irritation on my right eye. It isn't a stye. It feels like an eye last is stuck on my eye lid and every time I blink it irritates my eye. Last night while I was doing homework, it began to bother me more than any other day. Today I pulled up my eye lid to try and look to see if I could find any foreign object or in fact an eye last, I found a little dot like bump on the inside of my eye lid the top one. I believe that is the cause of this irritation. Can someone please give me some advice on what to do. Or should I have a Doctor take a look at it.
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Sorry, I took so long, I had so much work to do.  I'm not sure exactly what you have but it could be a foreign object of some sort and is causing a lot of irritation.  Unfortunately in this situation you are definitely going to have to have an ophthalmologist take a look at it and remove it if necessary.  I suppose there are other possibilities such as a stye or chalazion but I believe you better get it checked out.

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