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eye muscle problems

Posted By Janelle on July 01, 1999 at 19:31:02
Hi.  I am 31 and have had two eye muscle surgeries when I was a child. The surgeries were done by Dr. MacDonald from Royal Oak, MI.  My eyes do not work very well together and my eyes still turn in.  (only one turns in at a time, but predominantly my left because my right is dominant).  It is better with contacts or glasses, but still does turn in some especially when I am tired.  I get a lot of eye strain.  Several years ago I discussed with Dr. MacDonald the possibility of further surgical correction.  He felt that it would not help.  I haven't explored it any further because of the fear that further surgery might make it worse.  I have had a very difficult time in the past few years getting an accurate prescription.  Any suggestions?  I live in the Detroit area.  Thank you.

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