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eye pain inducing hedache

dear doctor....it's not been so long(few months) that i have started to have severe eye pains..
the pain is really severe and mostly the eyeball is affected by it...just as it starts it induces headache as well.and headache is also really severe too...i am wearing glass since few months..
i had to wear my glasses rarely then..and now a days(since few months) i have to use that during study...
The pain is difficult to describe...Every time a dull pain flies through the upper part of my eyeballs and forehead like a sick-headache. If I push in or apply any pressure to upper eyeballs (eyelid area), I can feel the pain to an unbearable state, as well as a nauseous feeling. Most difficult tasks to perform that also intensify symptoms include driving, searching around for something (ex. shopping), and reading/computer work, which all seem like eyestrain symptoms. Dizziness, sharp pain to whole eyes, straining to keep eyes open, headaches to eye area and above are all everyday symptoms that never go away.the other thing is my eyes are always so dry,it lacks moisture....initially i didnt study when these things happen but now a days these things happen daily but i am compelled to study and i do...
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Such severe pains are not normal eye strain.  You must see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible for a complete exam, including a gonioscopy to check for a narrow angle, which could cause a particular form of glaucoma called angle closure.  This type of glaucoma can cause eye pain, headache, blurred or hazy vision, and nausea and vomiting.  
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thank you doctor for your suggestions
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