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eye pain,vitreous detachment

I am a 65 woman in good health, 6 days ago I stood up and felt a sharp pain in my left eye, the next morning I saw a circular floater with a couple of very dark spots, I also experienced some flashing when the room was dark and I moved my eyes, I saw a Dr, who said I was suffering form a vitreous detachment, he said that the retina look ok and no signs of bleeding, but the pressure in that eye was high 28, he wants me to come back in 3 weeks to recheck the pressure, all that I have  seen on the web about this condition says that this condition was painless, and I am having pain in the back of my eye and temple, I am just not sure if I should wait 3 weeks to go back or try to be seen sooner...the floater is very  annoying but I am more concerned about the way it feels. kind of dull aching.  thanks for any help you can give me
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You are correct, floaters should not be associated with pain. Orbital inflammation, posterior scleritis or Giant Cell Arteritis are the thoughts that come to my head at this point. These conditions are not typicall associated with floaters. It could be a case of true, true, but unrelated. I'd call your Eye MD (ophthalmologist) and bring up these concerns. If you have one of these problems then it shouldn't wait for 3 weeks. Please keep us posted.
Best wishes,
Timothy D. McGarity, M.D.
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