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eye pain when looking down, eye tracking problem

last friday I noticed that when I look far down, right or left my eyes feel sore. like pressure. if I am standing and look down at the ground I feel like my depth perception is off, my eyes do not seem to track well when I am walking and or moving, I feel slightly dizzy. If I look at distant objects I feel like the area between myself and the objects are slightly disorted kinda like you are staring. I went to an eye doctor on wednesday and he said my eyes look fine that I was havin some strain problems and said I needed reading glasses. I do not have to much of a problem when I am not moving but still notice it. I have no headaches from this. I feel  like sometimes my eyes are not focusing on the same point and have to concertrate to bring it into focus.

any insight to this?
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Dear mick76,

Call your eyeMD and get checked again.  You might also require a blood pressure and medical examination.

Dr. Feldman

Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center
San Diego, California
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