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eye reflection

hi, am new today here on the forums its my first post, i am a female of 52ys and short sighted+2.5  i suffered a retinal detachment in sept last year and was given a vitorectomy with gas bubble after 5 weeks it happened again so had another vitrectomy and bubble then after it healed i noticed my eyesight was getting worse in that eye and was told it was a cataract and was booked in and had it done, now my sight in that eye is really awfull, colour is different and my good eye things are near but the other eye everything looks further away?  and when i look in the mirror i often see what looks like a cats eye in the pupil it reflects and others have seen this too, i have had my new glasses made amd with them on sight is pretty good  in both eyes apart from a haze in the bad eye but when ii am sitting at computer or reading if i close my good eye the other one has very poor close up vision not sure why ths is, i feel like i am looking through a haze, anyone had any of these symptoms.
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What you are describing is normal for the most part given what you have been through.  Get a pair of bifocals or progressives if you want to see near with both eyes.  The reflection is normal from the implanted artificial lens.  There is now a small amount of anisometria per your description between the 2 eyes leading to your perception of differing size items/distance.
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thanks for your reply yes  I understand a little better now,  was just concerned incase it was another cataract or something thanks again
I will be having regular eye checks as I am newly diagnosed diabetic.
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