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eye stiffness and pain

For the past couple years i have had stiffness in my head and my eye.  My right eye and the right side of my head and my right ear seems to be the only side effected.  Ill start with my eye.  My eye seems to be a response from my ear or head.  It doesn't seem to move with my left eye and it feels swollen and looks lazy most of the time.  The vision in my right eye seems to be slightly fading, i am a little near sighted anyway.  Also, when i look at people, it seems like my right eye just doesn't follow my left and it looks almost dead.  Sometimes it gets blood shot.  I have been told i have high pressure in my eyes, but also that i have thick corneas.  My ear is always clogged feeling with fluid.  My doctor said i did have fluid, gave me antibiotics for a month, and it showed no response.  It feels like i have a constant ear infection.  My doctors ive seen over this(which there have been alot) says my sinuses are clear, my ears are fine, and eye tests are fine.  It feels like my eyebrow over my right eye is very tight and it doesn't move much.  You can imagine how ridiculous it looks having one eye and eyebrow that doesn't move much like the other does.  There is tightness in my head with pressure.  It is only on my right side.  It feels like the whole side of my head is just shut down.  I get an occasional headache, but i dont think it is the same problem.  I have a minor deviated septum which the doctor didn't seem to think was the problem.  My ear hurts on the inside, about middle ear, and feels "loaded".  My eye also feels loaded and sluggish.  This is a constant thing from when i wake up till i go to sleep.  My head is foggy and it has caused me to be unsocial.  It sometimes hurts from my eye to my ear to the back of the neck.  This is not head ache pain, but tightness that is irritating me.  My nose feels stuffed on one side when my symptoms are the worst.  When my symptoms are a little better(which they never fully go away) my nose is a little clearer.  All this is on one side of my head.  Please let me know what you think.
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I would strongly suggest you see a neuro-ophthalmologist as your eye symptoms are concerning. There could be a relationship between your eye and ear problem. Hopefully you live in an area where access to a neuro-ophthalmologist or a university medical school department of ophthalmology is available.  If that was not possible a second choice would be a Eye MD that specializes in eye muscle problems (Strabismus) these are often called pediatric ophthalmologists but most do adult eye problems. Urge you to take action.
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Thank you for your response. I am going to check with eye doctor soon and let you the further findings  
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Yes please do and best of luck JCH MD
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