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eyelid problem

Lately I have had a problem that started off as a dry patch on my right eyelid that lasted for a week. Than one day I wake up and my whole right eye is swollen shut. I immediatly put ice on it and go up to the hospital. The provider told me it was a bug bite and prescribed me benedryl. Well just when I thought all was fine two day later I wake up to both eyes swollen shut. Again I immediately put ice on it and go to the hospital. New provider prescribes me more benedryl and an antibiotic ointment and tells me that it is eczema. Next day I wake up to my eyes with a bright red rash on them and swollen more than the day before. Again on goes the ice and back to the hospital. This time I am prescribed more benedryl and an oral antibiotic. I am also directed to keep using the ointment. Well it has been two and a half weeks now with the same problems and nothing seems to fix it. I have not changed anything, I even stopped wearing my contacts and make up. I would like to know what else I can try because at this point I am desperate. I have missed a lot of work because of this. Help I need a cure. Or a reason for this.
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You need to go see an ophthalmologist.  Could be allergies, thyroid problems, infection, orbit disease, or other local or systemic process.  First step would be to qualify the swelling and extent and then appropriate work-up if necessary.  Find an ophthalmologist at www.aao.org or ask your PCP for a referral.

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Hey all thanks for giving such valuable information about the topi.This is really going to help me to take proper care of my eyes.
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