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eyes are burning and always red

I've tried Visine eye drops, but it doesn't take away the burning itching feeling. I have allergies, however, I am not completely sure that my allergies are causing this effect. It starts when I touch my eyes, and gets to the point where they swell, and I am hardly able to open them. There is lots of clear discharge as well as yellowish puss. I have always had problems with my eyes because of my allergies, but it has never been to this extreme. I brought the issue up to my doctor, and he said it was my allergies and to take eye drops (Visine allergy formula). That was two months ago, and my eyes have only continued to get worse. My eye sight is unaffected (until they swell). Could this problem be allergy related, or is it an infection that I should have treated? And if it is allergy related, what could I take to help it?
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Well you are definitely having a problem I would say.  I can't diagnose you here on this forum but you almost certainly have some type of serious allergic conjuctivitis or infectious conjuctivitis or other.  Please make an appointment to see an ophthalmologist right away because your current treatment is obiviously not working and you could have a serious problem.  Good Luck.

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