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fluorescent lights ARE a problem

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by llacey, Sep 03, 2008 03:33PM
In recent months, maybe even over a year I have developed a worsening problem when I go into stores/businesses that use florescent lights. I get sick to my stomach, light headed, dizzy to the point that I almost pass out. Today when it happened was the worst I have even had happen… my face almost felt like it was flushed (my husband couldn't see any difference though) I lost sight, everything went blurry with vivid colors swirling around. I couldn't think or walk straight. I got out of the store went to the car with help from my husband and after a few minutes I was find except from two after effects… I was extremely tired and my face still felt flushed. What could this possiably be !!!! Or am I just crazy !!!  HELP HELP HELP   "

The response was that perhaps she has agoraphobia, or fear of wide open spaces or whatever...
I have a similar, but less extreme reaction to fluorescent lights.  However, I have NO problem whatsoever going into, say, Costco, a wide-open box store.  And I only go early in the day when they don't have those BRIGHT spot lights on overhead as they also wisely have sky lights.

No wonder they haven't found a cure for cancer or Aids.  With this kind of mentality "it's all in your head" where is the out of the box thinking?  Certainly not in medicine.
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Dear leamca,

I am uncertain of your issue. I would recommend that you speak with a neurologist to rule out an atypical seizure, migraine or other issue.

Dr. Feldman

Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center
San Diego, California
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I have been having issues with flourescent lighing as well. It started about a year ago and I nearly passed out. Since than, I have nearly passed out multiple times, I get a really funny feeling in my head, and I am unable to focus on anything, It's the strangest thing. I am going to an eye doctor here soon and will ask about it. I went to a regular doctor and they thought that it might be an issue with my heart, it wasn't at all!
I'm hoping this is what it is. But, I know what you are talking about with almost passing out and stuff!
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I would be very interested in what is causing this.  I have been ill for sometime but when I go into a store I get the same feeling.  My eyesight is much blurrier in florescent lighting than in natural light and I feel dizzy.  I just chalked this up to not feeling well in general or being tired.  Please keep us posted.....
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I too have this problem with this type of lighting. Our local shops have them and at first I though it was coincidence as hadnt been out of hosp long, but its since happened several more times in various places! I too get a horrendously nausious feeling, feel dizzy, spaced out although I know theres people around me, my speech goes, my head usually goes heavy and falls back and I get a type of spasm! Have explained this to several DRs but as Im still getting the run around nobody has come up with anything to explain it as yet!!  Any ideas doc?
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