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glasses script

i have 1 fake right eye lense and 1 natural Left eye lense. got that maybe 4 years ago. i did not get both because on my right eye i had issues and did not want the same on the left. besides i could not see any difference in my vision brightness with the new lense so i stopped. and then about 5 months later i had a what looked to me to be a ruptured vein in my right eye and after that i had what i describe as a veil over my right eye every time i blinked. the eye dr. said that was the inside of my eye pulling from the retina?

now to the question
i have 3 past scripts from the same eye dr now and every pair of progressive glasses that i have i had zinnie make and they were perfect. then i got the last script and a local eyemart express and have them make these new progressive glasses and the left eye is now blurry thru the complete range and i have to now look to the right to see thru the rithe eye for reading.  that may be because the person that put the pupil distance on the lense moved to the make me look right and then dotted it. i held my hear still and move my eyes.

anyway my script is
date           script

               spherical    cylindrical    axis
1-16-18   d.v  -.75       +1.00         024  
               d.v  +.75       +1.00         155    add 2.50

3-5-19    d.v  -0.75      +0.75        x033
               d.v  +0.50     +0.75        x166     add 2.50

3-6-21    d.v   -1.00      +1.50         x020
              d.v    +0.25     +0.75         x065      add 2.50

so can any eye dr. tell me why my new glasses makes the image look like a trapezoid along the top and bottom with the right side being narrower?    and why the right eye is blurry for the complete range from top to bottom near and far? and why i have to turn my head to the left and look more to the right to get a clear image for all ranges far and near? i think it this is because like i said she moved to my right and then dotted the lense.

for and observation i took the new glasses off and looking thru the left lense i turned them in a circle and when i had them in a vertical position everything cleared up. i had to move the frames left and right to see close and far but clear. looking far i moved them to the right to look thru the top part of the  lense and to read i moved them to the left to look thru the near area bifocal area.

i think the axis is wrong in the script being in the past 2 it was 166-155 and now 065   plus the cylinder stayed the same for 1-16-18 and 3-5-19 but changed for 3-6-21 and the spherical when the opposite direction as well at -.75  +0.75  then -0.75  +0.50  and now _1.00  +-25   seems to me the fake lens should not be changed that much.

thanks bob p.
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This is not a question we deal with and will have to be taken care of locally or with the internet glasses place.
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thanks anyway do you happen to know of a forum that can give me any help? it will be nice to have some ideas before i start paying a eye dr. to go thru tons of exams and glasses. thanks
Sorry, I don't
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