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grey fog over everything

8 years ago when my daughter was 19, she went into a diabetic coma, and had some brain swelling. she has recovered quite well,except 4 her eyes. she can't see very well to the left, and there is a gray fog over everything she says. the dr says it is not diabetes damage, but was due to the brain swelling. they said her optic nerve is pale. the gave a name to the condition as "myelinolysis cevebval edema". no one has given any hope about it. is there a cure or anything that can be done??? her life is passing her by. is there a transplant maybe??? her left side is damaged from the stroke as well, but she walks with a cane after months of rehab. she falls quite va lot because she cannot see. ( i call it a stroke). can someone help??she is practically blind.
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I'm so very sorry.  At present we don't really have a way to regrow brain or spinal cord cells.  Stem cell therapy is aimed in that direction but results are coming along fairly slowly.  It is something that we look forward hopefully for the future.  For now, a very good occupational therapist may be able to help.  THere are some computer programs available now to try to help stroke victims better learn to use their remaining vision.

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