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heartbeat in eye

I was seeing a flashing light in the peripheral area of my right eye when I moved my eyes quickly right and left.

I ended up in the emergency room and finally in the doctor's office. He said it was the vitrous separating from the retina, but the retina looked good. There were also some new floaters.

He said this is common with age(57) and nearsightedness and would clear in about 6 weeks. The flashing has improved.

Now I notice my pulse in my right eye! It shows up when in certain light conditions, such that would make floaters more visible. It's as if when I sit still I see the pulse in the area where the flasing light ring was.

Further....it seems I see the pulse in both eyes just that it is more evident in my right eye.

There is also the begining of a cateract in my right eye.

I do have another appointment to see a retina specialist.
What could this be? Is it possible that this is normal just that with the addition of the new floaters in combination with the slight cateract it is more obvious?


Tank you
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See the retina MD just to be sure. Most common cause vitreous traction due to posterior vitreous detachment due to age. Cataract not related other than it also is usually due to age.

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