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help me pls

2 months ago ,I found my daughter is nearsightedness (> 600D), who is
just 3.5 years old ! The doctor diagnosed "pathological moypia", and
the myopia will continue to progress.Till now there is no treatment that
regresses or arrests the progression of the staphyloma in pathological
myopia. After many hospital's treatment,I'm very depressed,In
china,there is no way!

I want to know the new advances of pathological myopia ,and can I
salvage my daughterí»s eyes in Americal?Can you help me?
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There is no treatment for progressive myopia.  


There was a Dr. Thompson in the Los Angeles area who used scleral
reinforcement.  The procedure never seemed to be accepted by the ophthalmological community.  


Dr. O.
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Well, if its any consolation, a few of my family members have been diagnosed with progressive myopia and in our case, the nearsightedness got very severe and stopped. I also was diagnosed with progressive myopia as a child in the 60s, and I am very nearsighted but did not lose my sight - just needed thick glasses.  Not to be presumptuous but I personally believe that many doctors assume that every extremely nearsighted child is a progressive case, and some are not.  Having said this, severe nearsightedness like exists in my family leads to other issues so you have to keep watch as she gets older.  I had retinal detachments and tears as a teenager, and those were very likely to cause blindness in the 70s but the procedures are 100x better today and here we are 40 years later and I still have my sight.
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If your daughter does indeed already have a "posterior staphyloma," her prognosis for good vision as she ages is not great.  Many ophthalmologists have written off this condition as "untreatable."  Anything that you can do to advocate for research to be conducted for this disease is how you can best help your daughter.
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