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herbal eyebright?


I've had my share of eye problems years ago from massive dryness to red eyes, bad vision, ect. Ever since I stopeed using contact lense my eyes have beeen slowly healing and I eneded getting PRK surgery. I'm 24 years old now and my eyes are not as bright as they used to be, after doing some research online I found out about a herb called "Eyebright" and a product called "Dr. Christopher's herbal eyebright" it contains the following ingredients: Wildcrafted Bayberry Bark, Wildcrafted Eyebright herb, Wildcrafted Goldenseal root, Organic red raspberry leaf and Cayrnne Pepper. I did some reach about these herbs online and it seems like they shrink tissue and relive eye dryness and redness, I also read reviews for the product which looked promising. What I couldn't find is that I know some of the eye drops such as "Visin" actually increase redness if used longterm. Would these ingredients be safe to use longterm as an eyewash?
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