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how can i cure my left eye vision

I complained of blurring of vision of the left eye.I gave them history of blunt trauma to the left eye with a cricket ball 13 days before.On examination,th right eye was unremarkable with 20/20 vision,normal anterior and posterior segments and normal IOP.The left visual acuity was 20/40,not correctable with glasses,the cornea was clear,the pupil showed traumatic mydriasis,the lens was clear,there was an infreior giant retinal tear with inferior retinal detachment.IOP was 35 mmhg.i was admitted to the hospital and left pars plana vitrectomy with endolaser and retinal tamponade was done on 10-12-2007.Me(pateint) developed total hyphaema post-operatively and the pressure did not respond to maximum medical treatment(Diamox TS 250mg QID,G Cosopt BD,G Alphagan BD and G Travantan HS).The IOP did not go below 32 mm hg.Evacuation of hyphaema was done on 27-12-07,however.it reformed again,PPV was redone on 14-01-08 with silicon oul implantation.Pressure remained in the mid twenties with maximum topical treatment.The patient developed cataract which was aspirated,together with silicon oil implantation and implantation of PC IOL on 16-06-08. IOP was very high,in the low forties despite medical treatment.Trabeculectomy with mmc application was done on 06-07-08.The IOP was controlled with good filtering bleb.On last visit of pateint(me) on 14-12-08,the codition of his left eye was stable,visualy acuity was 20/80,PC IOL was in place,the retina was flat and IOP was 16mmhg without medications,
NOTE : this is my deep request to medical help....stil i cannot see clearly on my left eye......After first operation  the doctor said to me that because of vomit i got eye bleeding....plz help me sir....its my humble request to u...m woking as a automobile technician,,,,i have good future in this,but this eye made me too depress,,,
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Actually, I thought that you have better vision than I would have expected after having all these problems, especially traumatic mydriasis, retinal detachment, extreme glaucoma, silicone eye and several years of multiple surgeries.  You don't see well because your retinal nerve fibers, photoreceptors, and optic nerve are damaged to some degree and you probably have some macular pucker and maybe even chronic macular edema possibly.  I'm telling you, you are not as bad off as you think considering the big picture.  I've seen many similar cases where the vision was in the 20/400 range or worse.  I'm sorry but I don't have any specific recommedations other than to continue close follow up care with your specialists.

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thank u..........but u know wat right now i dont have any midications long after 8 months back.......i consult doctor every six months to check the pressure,,,,,,,,,do i need medications in future for further diagnosis,,,if so tel me wat to do..ok i agree i can work in one eye,,in left eye i can only short guess that all...plz give me some possible points to face the problems in future and so on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,your medical help made me to goo to express.thanking you,,,m waiting for ur reply
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ya,i agree i never get good vision anymore,.,,,,but wanna ask u,,,,does this problem effect to my mind..........after this i mean i think i forget more time watever i think to do,,,,,,,,,,so i hope it doesnt effect to my mind,,,no side effect right,,,,,

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