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hyptony or scleral condition?

Hello Doctor,

I had a head injury on the front,top part of my skull in 2003 that caused a fracture to radiate through my entire middle left eye orbit. In Febuary of 2010 I put pressure on the back of my head and have been having eye troubles since then. My eyelids became swollen, my eyes became very dry and they began to "lose shape" (which now after 2 years looks like hypotony because my eyes are literally getting smaller (its not an illusion caused by swollen eyelids). I feel as if the fracture above and through my left eye orbit, which I can touch, is gradually opening up causing some kind of inflammation or infection. CSF leak was ruled out several times through CT Scans of head. I went to an oculoplastic surgeon (in 2010) who didnt seem knowlegeable or helpful but she did prescribe an CT Scan of my orbits in 2010 . It stated I had deformities in my left and right cribriform plate. It also states that theres a fracture through the superior to the superior and through the meatal aspect of the superior wall of the left orbit and that plates and screws were fixating the biofrontal craniotomy defect. No retrobulbar induration, gross retrobulbar mass. I went to a neurosurgeon and explained my eye problems and he said he didn't know what was causing it after seeing my head CT scans from 2011.

My questions are: what type of eye doctor should I see?  What type of doctor specializes in diagnosing and treating hypotony and scleral diseases? Are MRI's helpful in diagnosing ocular hypotony caused by outside sources i.e. inflammation, infection?
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Hello Dr. Vosoghi,
Thank you for your response. I live in Dumont, New Jersey in Bergen County. Please let me know if you can find one qualified for my situation around my area. I'm willing to drive far if I have to. It will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, in advance.
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You likely need to see an oculoplastic surgeon who has experience in dealing with fracture repair and orbital reconstruction.  Find one associated with a teaching hospital and trauma center.  If you let me know what city you are from I can try and see if I know someone in your area.

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