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iol removal

I am 65 year old male.I had a rezoom lens put in the r.eye almost 2 years ago
I had problem with blurr,halos,sunburst,etc since the beginning.I was told to give it a chance.Now they said they can take it out and put in a regular lens for seeing distance and that will take care of my problems.My question is on the 26th of this month they will take the rezoom lens out.It there going to be any problems taking out the lense.My doctor says no.Am I doing the right thing.Thanks  
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Dear mike1111a,

As with all procedures, there are possible risks as well as benefits of exchange of the ReZoom implant. It is important to become familiar with these so that you can feel comfortable with your decision. Usually, if the blur, haloes and starbursts are affecting your functioning [activities of daily living], then it is advisable for you to undergo an exchange.  Only you and your doctor can decide whether this is the situation.

Dr. Feldman

Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center
San Diego, California
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I had my Restor lens explanted on Wednesday at Mass Eye and Ear in Boston, read my posts. I agree with Dr. Feldman. Weigh the risks and benefits carefully before making your choice, consider the possible gains/ disadvantages to your daily lifestyle, find a surgeon you have absolute confidence in and make a decision without delaying longer than necessary. Recognize that no solution is likely to give you perfect vision without the need for some type of correction for some things.
I had problems from the start too with my Restor implanted six months ago. I considered other options carefully such as Yag to the capsule bag, limbal relaxing incisions for the minor astigmatism, touch up laser for the wrong power (I was left moderately farsighted). I chose the explant and I am satisfied, but others went one or more of these other routes and it worked for them.
I wish you all the best. You will find a way out and achieve your goals.
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Thanks for your advice.let me ask you.Did the Insurance company pick-up the tab to have the lense taken out.
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They said they will when I called prior to my procedure. So hopefully that will be the case. Since I received a toric lens, I did pay extra ($650.00) which will not be covered. Hope this helps.
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I had the Rezoom lense taken out on Jan 26th.Everything went well.The doctor replaced the lense with a Staar 2010 iol--(Not sure about the number.)I could get the correct # if needed.The next day after surgery I went back for the check-up.I told the doctor which was a different doctor then who did the surgery.I told him the big halos are gone but still have what I call big sparkler type effect around lights and car headlights lights.My distance is still alittle blury,But could read the books he had in the waiting room.He told me everything looks ok that its been only one day to come back in two weeks.In two weeks I went back and saw the doctor that did the surgery.I also told him about the the problems.He told me I have 20/30.He also look at the eye and had to laser off two little hanging strands the size of hair that he said was from scare tissue.He told me to wait three months and come back to see him again.He said there was some cloudness that may be the problem.I was expecting to have good distance with out the light problems and was told I would have to either wear glasses for reading or put in a contact lense.I have a gut feeling that the wrong iol powers was put in.My question is can the lense be taken out again.Also if the wrong lense was put in isn't it the fault of the doctor and the clinic to replace the lense with no charge.Thanks    
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