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I had an orbital floor fracture and i got it repaired but when i take a photograph a person can clearly see that the iris (the color of my eye)  is bigger in the left eye which had the orbital floor fracture and the iris in my right eye is smaller.  It bothers me because i model and taking piictures now makes me feel uncomfortable. i want them to be the same size again. The surgeon that did the repair says they are the same size she measured them  but as i said you can notice it very well when i take a photograph

What can i do and what kind of doctor do i go to.to fix this

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You may have some degree of traumatic mydriasis (a slightly dilated pupil due to trauma to the iris muscles.)  Get a second opinion with an ophthalmologist and bring the pictures that show the differance.  It may be possible to just take a drop to make the pupil a little smaller but I am getting ahead of myself since we don't know for sure what the problem is.  Again, I do believe you and the picture tells a lot.  Bring them to your ophthalmologist.
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