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is ghost vision has connection with my Marcular disease?

I have diagnosed with Best Vitteliform just 3 months ago.(I got diagnosed when I notice my left eye is blurred and distorted and I couldnt see very well with that impaired eye .ohh by the way, I can see clearly without problem with both eye I guess my right eye compensate all the blurred area So i went to check at the eye hospital and yeahh that is that) That is not why I come here . Just recently like a month ago, I start to get vision from my affected eyes. I started notice this problem when I see the keyboard on my smart phone. It is very hard to explain but I will give a try. So let say I look at letter J, after moment of focusing i start to see a small image of the letter J . It is like a shadow of it and then i realize it is the image of my left eye( bad eye) that I see distorted and blurred image, Can this considered as a ghost vision? Also now there are many flashes of light in my left eye when i blink and when i look at my laptopscreen. I wonder is this normal for Best disease patient or is there any other complication to my eye?  
If u wonder, my right eye also has that vitteliform lesion but I have 20-25 VA,when looking at Amsler grid , there is a slight distorted on the bottom left.
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It is called a 'ghost image"  and their are several possible causes but given your disease and the distorted amsler grid your Best's Disease would be the most likely.
thank u sir, also i wonder if there is anyway to fixed this ghosting vision ?
Only by a detailed medical examination of your eye looking for disease or problems elsewhere and making your you do not have a glasses problem could your question be answered. Discuss this with your eye MDs next visit.  Look at pictures of Best's disease of the eye/macula and see how it distorts the surface of the retina.
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