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large optic nerves

I had my eye's examined today and was told that my optic nerves where a 6 which isn't normal.  When my eye pressure was taken it was 19 od and 17 os.  I have never been informed of this before which I would remember because I used to work in the Optical field.  What can all of a sudden cause this ???
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Most likely your optic nerve cups have been this way your whole life. The examining doctor may not have mentioned it to you if all else looked normal. Large cups can be hereditary, due to the size of the optic nerve (large nerves have large cups), or be a sign of glaucoma if the cup size is getting progressively bigger. I would see an ophthalmologist, preferably a glaucoma specialist, and have a complete evaluation, including optic disc imaging (HRT or OCT) and a visual field. It would be helpful to request copies of prior exams before the consultation with the specialist.
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