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left eye see 'double'

I am a 48 year old wearing a bifocal l and my nearsightness is quite serve.
I found out that my right eye see 'blur' image, the blurriness is due to the image overlapping. Like when I read from the screen a line of text, I see the line of text overlay itself, with a displacement at the bottom of the line, so the bottom half of the line become blur. Because of this, I cannot read from the document because the lines will all be blurring.
This condition comes and goes. So in the morning, my right eye is fine, then as I start working, the blurriness of the right eye will start to happen.
Lately, I found out that it happens really fast and it seems that it is not only limit to reading from the computer screen, but like watching TV or reading a book, this symptom will come.
I went to the optimist and told her my problem. She found out my right eye need a more powerful prescription. But she did made a comment that she cannot make my right eye see as good as my left eye. That because my right eye already see the blurriness. I then have the new glasses made, and also a pair of computer glasses as suggested, but it did not help. The symptom still happens and my right eye still cannot read well.
So I went to see an ophthalmologist, he suspected that might be due to the dryness of my right eye. He 'plugged' my eyes to prevent the tear from draining into the nostril. It did not help. He dilates my eye and did a scan and he told me nothing wrong with my eye. He did not see any problem with my cornea, lens, nerve, but he cannot figure out why I have that problem. He just told me to keep using the eye drop and may be try wearing contact lens, and send me away.
What can be wrong and can you recommend me another ophthalmologist whpo can help me in Phoneix area?  
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1. Treat dry eye condition aggressively with all possible treatments.  Consider restasis and always use artificial tears frequently. Make sure lid margin disease is not making the dry eyes worse.
2. Make sure you don't have a cataract.
3.  Try to get the best possible glasses.

Usually, it the problems comes and goes it is related to the cornea (as in severe dry eyes.)  Treat this problem as well as possible - maybe after using restasis for 6-12 months as well as all other treatments, you might start to see some relief, the it may be possible to measure you a little better for glasses.  Try to reduce computer work and reading and reduce medications that worsen dry eyes (often a huge culprit.)

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Thank Dr. Kutryb for your response and advice.
I kept using the eye dorp like evey hour on my right eye now.
It does not seems to help but i will keep using it, since there is nothing much I can do.
The thing is, reading from computer is my line of work, it is really impossible to reduce it.
You also mentioed restasis, I am willing to try that. I googled it, does that require prescription or it can be purchased over the counter?
Thank again for your help and advice.
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