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little worried - nearsight problems

Okay, so to start you off I'm 20 and I have nearsighted vision. I just recently started trying contacts/eye examination so this is what caused me to take notice of my vision more

I can see things in great detail up-close, but farther away becomes more and more blurry. The contacts I'm trying now are -1.00 and objects in the distance are sharper then I can ever imagine. The only problem is looking at objects closer to me is more blurry then seeing them without my contacts in.

I'm also worried because i started noticing that with contacts, If I look somewhat down with my eyes or towards my periph, objects/light will sometimes into somewhat of a double vision. Now without contacts, im not sure if i have the same problem becauase if I do, blurs objects/light around the edge ever so slighty.

It is really hard putting it into words, the best way I can describe it, is it is like you walking outside on a bright sunny day without sun glasses and then you go indoors. My eyes can still see objects and stuff, but at the same time it just doesn't feel right, almost like its blurry because it is letting too much light in or something.

Any one have any information on this? It is starting to worry me, and so far my optometrist has not said there were any special circumstances with my eyes.
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You need to see your optometrist.  It does not make sense that a 20 year old with a -1.00 prescription would have difficulty with near vision.  See if the near vision is ok if the object is held level.  It is possible that the contact lens moves up due to your lids when you try to read.  It may be a fit problem.

Dr. O,
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sorry to post again, but I just thought I should add one more piece of info. By just recently going to the optometrist, I mean that I literally just got contacts and all that fun stuff about 2 weeks ago. So maybe it could be caused by my eyes/Nerves getting used to a different type of vision? I'm not sure, I may be getting too worried, I don't know, but it's frustrating since its all I can think about now is comparing when my vision is better or not.
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and that problem where it feels like i go inside being out in the bright is being now without and contacts in and when they are in, it feels like that when I focus on objects that would be closer in my view.
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