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migraine/blurriness in right eye

I was diagnosed with an ocular migraine that effected the vision in my right eye...the blurriness is going away, but not completely...I'm nervous 'cause I'm afraid the blurry vision in that eye will stay like this forever...the vision isn't as sharp in the right eye as it is in the left....  Is there some type of eye drops I can take that will get the eye back to normal?  It might be some type of inflammation due to stale Florida air and too much air conditioning, not enough fresh air...the air in Florida tends to be very still and humid...and the back of my eyes have been burning and achy ever since I moved down here....also the triggers might stem from outdoor allergies to plants/trees...I get sore throats a lot too...what type of eye drops do you think will help?  I heard migraines were vascular (blood vessel) but there must be an inflammatory component to it as well.  Need an expert opinion...Thank you.
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If it's a migraine then it is not something that you can help with drops since it is a mysterious vascular problem that can be triggered by many different things.  Usually the vision improved after 30 or 40 minutes but I have seen unusual cases where the patients described blurred vision for several days.  These are the more scary cases because it makes you wonder if it is indeed a migraine or something more serious.  Also it is possible to also have other problems like dry eyes or uveitis which can cause blurred vison as well.  You may want to see a neuro-ophthalmolgist for a complete evaluation and in the meantime know that drops like artificial tears may help sore, tired,dry eyes but are way off course in regard to real visual migraines.

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Thank you for your answer... I went to an eye doctor yesterday and he noticed that my retina was swollen and said that he suspects Central Seous Chorioretinopathy due to stress...he said it should go away on its own in one to two weeks and it has almost cleared up...but I also have migraines as well and I think the triggers are allergy related..I was given eye drops for the allergies and the burning in my eyes isn't as bad as usual...he also noticed a problem with my central vision and wants me to take a visual field test of which I'm completely confused about...lol..since my vision is 20/20 with glasses, I don't think it is anything I should worry about, but I'm going to call him and find out If he thinks this test is necessary since I can see clearly again.  
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