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mucus like "thread" comes from inside the eyelid both up and down ..

I've been living in the united states for two years. I had lived in Denver Colorado for one month and then i moved to Irvine California. I had taken my first house in the city for one year, and the next year i moved to another one close to the mountains. One week later i did a facial mask in a place near my house, i got this problem in the day after, WATCH THE VIDEO.

doctors don't know the cause of this, it has started in May 18 , swollen in the first 3 days, redness without swollen in couple of days after , itching and after a week until August, i had decided to take 2 month vacation from English institute i felt better in the house because California is hot !! I don't think there is a snow in saudi arabia too, some say i have allergy from pollen, others saying from dust, and others saying from something in your new house which i don't think any of them, im confuse so i had to take video of this and i need you to help me because in im tired of americans hospitals and doctors, they were confused after showed them this video.

It starts like that:

When i stay in hot room like the garage

When the air condition is on but not cold

When the air is wet or humid

While cooking

When i get out of cold room to the blazing sun

I feel like something under the Eyelid

I feel comfortable after taken this out

I need help because i feel like my life is destroyed because as a man i have to go to study and work and that keeps me away from everything am i gonna have it forever !!! Im planing to move to another state maybe things will change

post your E-mail Dr to upload you the video of my eye with the mucus.
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I have some grammar mistakes up there.  i had sent it to someone else before i decided to post it here.
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I tried you link twice and it does not connect to a video.

You need to find an appropriate specialist.

Dr. O.
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