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need answers - unlilateral burred vision

For over six months, I have had blurred vision in my left eye on a daily basis. I have a history of classic migraine with aura, and I have noticed that it appears to get really really worse with conventional migraine triggers - red wine, too much or too little caffeine, etc. Other symptoms also, including dizziness, "drunk" feeling, occasional confusion, some intermittent weakness, but the most prominent symptom is visual. It is rarely painful, though there is pressure at times. No scotoma or floaters - just blurred vision (somtimes to the point where it almost completely obscures my vision) and very occasionally, ptosis. It worsened following an episode of extreme confusion that landed me in the energency room, and has really not improved. EEG was reportedly normal. For the record, I am 36 years old, female, and quit smoking not long before this all started.

My neurologist has prescribed Topamax, which has helped slightly but not completely. CT scan and MRI were, as far as I am concerned, "inconclusive", as both times the radiologists said "abnormal" and the neurologists said "normal". The first radiologist determined cortical atrophy. I don't know the nature of the abnormality the second one found, because my neurologist dismissed it and I have not yet gotten the medical records. My neurologist believes that I may have basilar artery migraine, but he has been rather dismissive of me because of a note in an old chart that claimed I was "embellishing" on an exam, which I was not.

I asked this doctor if I should see an ophthalmologist and he said I could see whomever I chose but he didn't see the point. However, aside from the neurological symptoms that the neurologists don't want to acknowledge, the primary symptoms are visual, and getting worse. Before another doctor calls me histrionic and dismisses me again, I'd like a better sense of what it relevant and what this might mean. Medication side effects have been ruled out.
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I  think it would be worthwhile to see a neuroophthalmologist. Find one at www.aao.org

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i    get   flashes inmy  vision like some onetaking apicture right inmy face     itlasts  50-70  seconds a ndonly effects my left eye, it can be    quite dibilitating at times a ndleaves meslightly confused afterwards     itwas so bad  at onetime i hadto  beadmitted tothehostpital  thry lasted 4   5 daystht time neuroligists comeupwith nothing nor do      eye docs i     have had a strokethat effected my leftside could this bebecause my left eye musclewa weakend  from the stroke?  a nswat cani do to helpstop  it my  doc  has meon neurontin cause for years thryvetold methiswa sometype of  seisure
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Your problems could be due to the effects of a stroke. See an Eye MD for a comprehensive medical examination. Find one at www.aao.org

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