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one-time night blindness in one eye

Hi everyone,

To start with, I'm a 20 year old healthy female. I few nights ago something really strange happened to me when I turned out the light to go to sleep. A few minutes after I turned the light off, when my eyes should have adjusted to the dark, something didn't seem right with my vision. So I covered my left eye with my hand, leaving my right eye open, and everything went pitch black. I couldn't see anything out of my right eye. With my left eye I could see the shapes and shadows that you can usually make out in a dark room, but out of my right eye was just total pitch blackness. I turned my light back on, and everything was completely normal; I could see with both eyes. Then I turned the light out again, and once again, I had vision in my left eye but not in my right.

This happened a few nights ago, and it hasn't happened again since. This is probably irrevelant but I thought I'd mention it- I have a couple of enlarged lymph nodes as well as a swollen tonsil on the right side of my neck/head that have all been checked out by a doctor. I also have a new lump on the top of my head, also on the right side. As I said, this is probably all irrevelant to the vision problem, but I thought that maybe since all of this is on the right side of my head, which is the same side as the problem eye, it could somehow be involved.
Does anyone have any ideas of what could cause one-time temporary night blindness in one eye? Thank you for reading!
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You need to start out with an ophthalmologist Eye MD doing a comprehensive medical exam. Find one at www.aao.org    It need not be anything serious or anything that will recoccur but its not normal and needs an exam

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Thanks for the quick reply. Since it was a one time incident I was hesitant to make an appointment, but I'll take your advice. Thank you!
Did you ever get a diagnosis?  I have had the exact same issue- also in the right eye, for many years.  Years ago I went to an opthamologist who could find nothing wrong- but it still worries me and still happens EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.  
Same here... I am 51 years old but it has been happening to me since I was very young
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I know it's been awhile since you posted this but wondering what ever happened because I'm going through the same thing now.  Occasionally when I turn off the light, I can see everything fine with left eye but nothing out of my right.  It feels like a curtain is being pulled over my eye.  But then after a few minutes it's ok.  I've been hesitant about going to a doctor but just made an appointment.  Thanks
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hi -- i just had the same problem (same eye, too) and was wondering if anyone had any diagnosis.  i saw a retina specialist this afternoon (as i have severe myopia and, thus, am at high risk for retinal detachment), but he said everything looked all right.  any thoughts?
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I have had the same issue. It has happened about 5 times over the course of the past year.  Always late at night, and almost always (I can't remember if it is actually always) when I have fallen asleep watching TV and then wake up to go to bed that I notice the issue. Last time it happened it resolved within 30min.  But, I am going to see an opthamologist tomorrow.  Would like to hear if anyone has had this issue diagnosed/treated?
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