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partial corneal transplant with sclera buckle?retina

I had very successful retinal attachment and sclera buckle 16 yrs ago.  Myopia the only problem - best corrected vision 20/40
No due to fuchs dystrophy, the eye needs a partial corneal transplant.
Should I see a retinal specialist to be sure nothing extra needs to be done to protect my retina
At the time of the transplant a stitch or something could change the shape of the cornea to increase distance vision, would this be a good idea and would it increase my distance vision.

thank you  Donna
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It will likely change your distance vision but it will be correctable with glasses most likely.  Discuss all the risks and benefits with the surgeon before the surgery takes place.  If you haven't seen a retina specialist in the past few months, you may want to have a good retinal exam to be sure all is clear for the surgery but it should have no effects on the retina really.

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