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pathological myopia

The damage in my left (-6 ) eye was treated 3 years ago with PDT.  I can not read or drive with it.  We knew it was just a matter of time before the right (-12) eye joined in.  I have the build up of fluid, abnormal blood vessels, and now a little hemorrhage on the right. Down to 20/40.  While examining the right eye with the dye injection, they discovered the left eye is active again as well and showing "bright spots".
I've stated the Lucentis injections and of course we hope for great things, I am only 54.  I know no one can make predictions for me, but I want to know what the "typical" or average progression is without treatment.
Many articals say some thing like "the progression of the disease is usually rapid".  But they never say what rapid is.  Weeks? Months? One year? Many years? My measure is how long are people usually able to read and drive?
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Lucentis treatments have changes everything and prognosis is much better than in past.  So the rapid progression you read about can be slowed way down in many cases with Lucentis.  There is no doubt that you may  have gradual progressive worsening of the disease over the long term.  I think you want to hear some number as to how long it will be before you are legally blind.  My answer is hopefully never - because the new treatments are way better than laser treatments.

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