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pink eye and bumps on the neck

my question is the my eye has been itcy and has a sticky yellow substance when i wake up. i was wondering what is it,.... and about two days later i got this little bump on my right side of my head ..just below the ear, behind the jaw line and it hurts when i do touch it...thenin two weeks i got a bump size of alemon or a bit smaller under my chin and that one hurts on its own 24/7

i was thinking its an infection but the cancer idea is in the air...
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You could have an infected abscess or cyst - it might need antibiotics or surgery.  You should be seen by a doctor right away - because this doesn't sound good.  If it came on rapidly then infection is more likely - but you won't know what it is until you have it checked out.  SO SEE A DOCTOR RIGHT AWAY.

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