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pink eyes always

hi eye doctors, i am a 31 years old single male, my eyes are pink since i was a kid with no pain or vision problems what so ever. recently, as i have money now, i went to the only one eye doctor in town who put me on this eye drops: (Dr Fischer - Dexefrin)  Decongestant, Antibiotic & Anti-inflammatory Therapy Sterile Ophthalmic Drops & Ointment Contains Neomycin Sulfate, Phenylephrine and Dexamethasone in a Lacrimol (PVP) tear substitute base
link: http://www.dr-fischer.com/ItemPage.asp?item_id=230

my eyes became white like normal people for one month then back pink again
need i be worried about the whole thing or just forget it?

many thanks in advance
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I'm not familiar with your drops exactly but know the ingredients well and they are not the sort of things you want to use for more than a few days.  I'm afraid your problem will not be solved that quickly. You may need to see the doctor again and have him prescribe something that you can safely use long term to help your problem.  Look into dry eyes, lid margin disease and allergies when you see him again.  Try not to use the neomycin product as it can cause serious ocular allergies in some people.

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thanks doctor,
i used googel, so i'll go with dry eyes and allergies, but not margin.

thanks again
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