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postop ICL - vision restoration time

I yesterday had ICL in both eyes. The very next day my vision is not crystal clear. Its blurred and I cant even read numbers on wall clock. Is it normal and common? If so, then in how many days the vision gets restored satisfactorily?

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Call your surgeion IMMEDIATELY and report your problem. I do not do intraocular contact lens nor do I recommend them to my patients.

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I did call him and reported the same. He said, though not to my satisfaction, it takes time for vision to get restored. Moreover, my vision came out to be 6/9 the very next day after ICL. He said this first day vision is more then expected and everything is great.

The thing is that those alphabets on eye test center and numbers on wall clock are not crystal clear to me as they used to be with contacts. He said the haziness gets away with time and has given me the eye drops.

What does your experience say? Is this initial bit of haziness normal after ICL and does it go away in a week time or so?
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Essentially this is between you and your surgeon.

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Considering when you posted this, it was only 1 day after, I would say it is possibly normal.

I had Visian ICL placed in my eyes 4 months ago.

Your eyes just underwent drops to dialate, constrict and numb them. DROPS GALORE.

They may have still been constricted as mine were for 1 week after.

You just underwent SURGERY. Even though they make it "seem so simple", the truth is, you had a blade puncture your eye. You are bound to have had some swelling, be it small.

I hope your visian improved over the next month as mine did.
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