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pressumed occular histoplasmosis

Posted By michele irwin on August 13, 1999 at 12:51:15
My husband has it. It was discovered at a routine eye exam in 95. He went right in to a specialist, and at that time it was not active. He was sent home with the aglar test, and aprox one year later it became active. His vision at that time was 20/30. The legion was close to the macula, however not causing problems with vision. The dr. who was not confident in his abilities to do the surgery, said that he wanted to try to shrink it with steriods, because he was good at lasering. Many months went on, and finally my husband was send else where for the surgery. By the time surgery was done, his vision was 20/200. He has had the surgery again, and now his vision is 20/400. My question is, would it
have been the best for my husband to have had the surgery while his vision was still good? He does have it in the other eye, and I truely do not want him to loose central vision in both eyes. At his last appt. the dr. told us, it was the end of the road for his bad eye. What is there is there, and that is 20/400 vision.(with his glasses on) I thank you for your help. I would like to get him to another doctor if you think his left eyes vision could possibly have been saved by quicker action.

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