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problem after lasik eye surgery


I had about 5 months ago wavefront eye laser lasik surgery.  My eyes have been dry and sensitive and my eye sight has been very good.  Everything was great until about a month ago when i started to see like fragments of veins and a black dots which moves about my eye when i look up or down and sometimes straight ahead a black blob.  The problem gets better or worse depending what type of day light i am in.  I am really upset as i went to the best clinic.  When i went back to my consultant he said not to worry my eyes were fine but i have very senstive eyes.  I have never experienced this at all before when i was shorted sighted.  It is in my left eye which before was experiencing the most of the dryness.  Please advise as my consultant did not put me at ease and i dont know if it will ever go away.
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You may have a posterior vitreous detachment and resultant floaters.  This usually has nothing to do with LASIK.  See an ophthalmologist to make sure you do not have a retinal tear or detachment.  You can use search feature on this sight to read about posterior vitreous detachment or PVD.

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Thanks for getting back to me.  The Lasik surgery said it was nothing to do with Lasik too.  I will go see the Opthalmologist see what they say like you suggested.

Thanks again
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