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problems after cateract surgery

I had cataract surgery in March and April of this year and my vision is worse than before.  I am 55 and the cataracts had been there since childhood.
I have blurred and double or ghost vision.  I had YAG on both eyes this past month but that left my right eye with a white floater that is always popping in front of the vision.  I didn't need glasses prior to surgery (cheaters for close up) but now have glasses for distance which help some but not so much with the blurred vision of signs, etc.  Night vision is very bad with star-bursts and blurred vision.
My eyes are very noticeable now not like they are apart of me.  I am always aware they are there.  I also haven't been able to wear make-up since as it seems to irritate them.  They will get very blood shot, itchy, watery and have produced matter.  They seem dry, itchy, and tight most of the time.
Needless to say, I am very scarred at this point that there is something wrong that has not been found.
Any help and suggestions are appreciated.
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I'd love to talk to you in the office after examining your eyes.  I get cases referred to me like this occasionally.  What you need to know is what is the problem and is it something you are just going to have to live with or is there something something to do about it. I suspect that you are mostly upset because you now have to wear distance glasses.  ALso your vision is not very good which could be explaind by other problems than the cataract, perhaps macular degeneration or corneal dystrophy or dry eyes.  The irritation problem is second in your mind and you need to be given a detailed plan on how to make the eyes more comfortable and deal with any dry eye problems that your are experiencing.  Find a good ophthalmologist for a second opinon - ask around for recommendations.
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