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progressive myopia and optic axis

Hi I am 34, Asia, with extreme Myopia. -10D when 19 years old and probably -15D now.
I checked my optic axis for only 3 times. The first time was in 1998, before I went through the PRK surgery. I had -10D for both eyes and my optic axis is 29 for both eyes.
My Myopia has been progressing at the rate of only -0.30 per year since 1998.
I checked my  optic axis in Jul/2012 to invetigate the reason for the progress of the myopia. The result is 29 as well.
I check  my  optic axis in Sep/2013, they are now 29.2.
This worries me. As the elongation of optic axis will ententually cost my retina and vision.
The Cornea seems fine.
I doubt that the measurement of optic axis in 1998 was wrong. It should not have been 29. Any suggestion?
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I assume you mean by optic axis the axial length of the eye, and not the axis of your astigmatism.  An axial length of 29 is very long, and does put you at risk of retinal complications from high myopia.  You should have a dilated exam with a retina specialist periodically, and immediately if you have sudden light flashes and new floaters.  Another reason for progressive myopia may be that the corneal curvature is changing; a keratometry reading and corneal topography will help determine if this is the case.
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Yes, Dr. Fazio, it is axis length. I carry out regular check very 6 month, including retina and corneal. For the time being, I have no idea what contributes to the development of my myopia. Is it  the elongation of axis or the corneal curvature. Currently my axis length is 29.2 and myopia is -15D. But according to one of my medical report15 years ago, my axis length was 29 and myopia is -10D, is it possible?

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