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pupils not constricting

My wife just woke from a nap and could not focus. Upon looking we realised that her pupils weren't constricting normally, even with the pen light shineing on her eyes. She had earlier mentioned feeling bad after taking her morning medications, (lexapro, and zyrtec,) and went to lie down. She is 30 years old with no real health problems to speak of. Can you please give me something that might help me make sense of this? I have been searching the web for an hour and found nothing really helpful. thanks.
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Could be medication side effect - especially lexapro.  Could be side effect from herbal remedy or over the counter meds - especially weight loss products, motion sickness patch, others.  Watch out for angle closure glaucoma (mid dilated, fixed or sluggish pupils, severe eye pain, headache, halos around lights, vision loss, vomiting.)  Occasionally, certain other toxic substances around the house can make you feel ill and affect pupil size. She could also just be overmedicated.  Basically, you need to see your primary care doctor first and an ophthalmologist also.
Michael Kutryb, MD
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