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red goopy eye

i have hed one red eye for about 3 weeks. At first i thought it was pink eye and my doctor gave me some drops. He told me if it is pink eye then it should be gone in 7-10 days. It did seem to get better, but now it has 3 weeks and the one eye is still goopy, swollen and red. I have never suffered allergies in my eyes. I am wondering what else it could be and if it could be a more serious problem in my body. I am stumped and i can't get another doctors apt. for a month. Please help. I would appreciate any suggestions
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I'm sorry about your problems, but you should try to be seen sooner than three weeks.  Make sure to see an ophthalmologsit to find out what is going on since you probably just saw your primary care doctor.  There are several possibilities, but I cannot diagnose you over this forum.  I am concerned about your symptoms and urge that you get seen in person as soon as possible since your eyes are so precious.

Michael Kutryb, MD
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