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removal of silicone oil from eye

I have had silicone oil in my eye post-op retinal detachment surgery for the past 2-years now.  My current physician is advising me to have it taken out due to future complications of decomosition of the cornea.  I am not sure how the oil affects the cornea when the oil for the most part is in the back of the eye.  However, with that stated, the oil has migrated to the front of the eye touching the cornea 3 times in the past 2 years.  I have been able to get it back where it belongs (in the backside of the iris) al three times, usually within a day sometimes 2.  My current vision with the silicone is 20/100-200.  Should the oil or does it have to come out?  And for those who had it taken out, why did you (perhaps dr. advice), and would you do it again if you had an option?  Thank you for any replies.
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If silicone is endangering your cornea - then you may might need to have it removed.  It sounds like silicone is getting forward into the front chamber of the eye.  If its moving all over the place - it may be doing more harm than good at this point.  I don't know all your specifics - but your retinal surgeon must know your case very well and you should either follow his advice or get a second opinion.

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