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I lost my eye during to a "snuff"  during a vitrectomy surgery for a detached retina following cataract surgery. I went into surgery with full but deteriorating contrast in my visual field and 20/20 vision I needed the vitrectomy because scar tissue had developed during the year of observation for glaucoma by the doctor who did the cataract surgery, During this time the detachment  occurred. An initial Hrt exam showed a normal optic nerve which deteriorated to advanced glaucoma during this time as well complicating the surgery. This is all according to my retinal surgeon and medical records I procured. I was never informed of my nerve deterioration or my detached retina and became aware of both only when I asked for and read my medical records.
With this experienced, I am reluctant to have cataract surgery in my remaining eye which has glaucoma damage as well. An optometrist I was seeing for over 20 years, never referred me to the eye MD for surgery or care with my elevated eye pressure until I developed the small cataract. I now have a complete lack of trust for the surgery and followup care. I am in need of an expert opinion on the validity and progress of C-KAD drops and their efficacy. I found positive comments by you on the previous posts and would appreciate any comments on this or any other possibilities. I see a retinal surgeon and a new eye MD for monitor of my conditions, but will eventually have to deal with thedeveloping cataract in my remaining eye.
Many thanks
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Thank you for the comment. Sorry for the long intro Doctor as loosing my eyesight in minutes during a procedure as an indirect result of cataract surgery and being told it was unavoidable makes me look for other solutions to the one eye I have left. If anything is on the horizon I'd delay cataract surgery in the other eye and give up driving driving  . It's people like me that may fall for the "scams" of cataract treatment drops.
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I am not familiar with this drop.

Dr. O.
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