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residual vitreous body visible after vitrectomy
I had a vitrectomy on Thursday and the following Monday had the follow up consultation with my surgeon. I made this surgery because of floaters. These were extremely strong in my sight, so my doctor agreed to the surgery. I still do not see so well but this will hopefully improve with time.
My actual problem: I see new marks in the upper field of vision, which lie like a ring around the field of vision. My doctor said that this is due to the residual vitreous body, because for safety reasons, only 90% of the vitreous body could be extracted. Does anyone have experience with this problem? Do you get used to these marks easier than to the eye floaters?
Thanks in advance!
Sophie, Vienna, Austria
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This sounds like a reasonable answer from your surgeon. Also, it's possible your pupil is still slightly dilated if atropine or it's derivative were used at the time of surgery.
Timothy D. McGarity, M.D.
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