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restor multifocal lens in one eye only

I would love to have some information about having a multifocal lens in only one eye. I do not have a cataract at all in the other eye and have 20/20 vision in that eye as well.   Please let me know lso what problems people are experiencing with the multfocal lenses.Thanks much

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It will probably be ok.  Use the search function to learn about Restor.

Dr. O.
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I had Crystalens HD 500 just put in both eyes in May / June. The right eye is messed up bad. Need to have it replaced with something. Does anyone know if the newer Tecnis multifocal has the same problem as the Restor 4 as far as intermediate slightly fog vision??? Like accross a room. Also has anyone had problems with the newer Restor 3 ?
From what I read with studies, the Tecnis multifocal seems to be a pretty good lens. But not sure.
IF Anyone is considering a Crystalens HD500,,, MAKE SURE that the surgeon has been doing them for quite some time "Experienced". My surgeon messed up my eyes to where I will never be able to have a Crystalens that works. Does not know what she is doing!!!. Would appreciate your quick response. Having surgery in 10 days.
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I had the technis multifocal implanted in one eye a month ago and am experiencing blurred and slightly foggy vision in the intermediate and far range.My reading vision is fairly clear. I have waxy vision in most indoor lighting conditions.
my surgeon thinks it is all due to astygmatism . he is recommending PRK to correct it. After reading the things some people are experiencing with the multifocal lenses I am I am not so sure that it is not just the characteristics of the lens.
Most people I know who have them are very happy with the multifocal lenses. I am hoping most of these problems will abate as my eyes heal completely .
Good luck with your surgery.
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Doctor O., have you had many patients who have a multifocal lens in just one eye? What has been your experience with them?
I had a technis multifocal implanted a month ago and have blurry , slightly hazy and or waxy vision . night vision is very bad with lots of glare and diminished clarity and I am unable to read signs until they are very close. If both of my eyes were that way I would not be able to drive at night at all.
My reading vision is fairly clear 20/25 but intermediate and distance is  blurry and depth perception is not good. Also colors seem diminished or "greyed down" through that eye. I am an artist so that is very important to me.
My surgeon thinks it is due to astygmatism and wants to do PRK to fix it.If that does not correct the problem he says he can remove the technis lens and replace it with a standard monofocal IOL . He says he has only removed  one or two . I am afraid of having that done and I am not willing to risk the other eye if things don't improve. I have slight astygmatism in my good eye but my vision is corrected to 20/20 with glasses .
What do you think?
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