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retina detaching?

In January of this year, I started having headaches. There is tension in my forehead and jaw, and there is also pressure around my eyes and nose. My neck can also get very tense and sore. In March, I started seeing floaters. Just a couple when I was going outside. Since then, I have been seeing more floaters, and I also see them indoors sometimes, mostly when looking at the computer screen. Recently, I have started seeing sparks and squiggles. It looks like stars twinkling. Once, I saw one in my peripheral vision, and it was followed by a severe headache. I have also seen what looks like a shooting star. Just a small particle of light falling. Today, I was sitting down at my computer and saw about 8 sparks spread throughout my vision. They only lasted about 20-30 seconds. It was also followed by a headache, but I always have a constant, mild tension headache.

I have no insurance and I lost my job, so I can't really afford to see an eye doctor. Is it possible to get a retina detachment from eye strain? I am on the computer for the majority of the day. Does this sound serious? I guess I can manage to scrounge up enough money to at least see the walmart eye doctor, but they're not ophthalmologists.
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Retinal detachments are not caused by eye strain, and they are not associated with eye pain or headache.  I would recommend an exam with an ophthalmologist, not an optometrist.  If you explain that you are not insured, the doctor may extend a discount for cash payment, or work out a payment plan for you.  You should have a gonioscopic exam of the anterior chamber angle of the eye, followed by a dilated exam of the retina.
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Go to the emergency room. Don't wait.

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