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retinal buckle, 20/20 but unbalanced feeling for 7 months.

i had a buckle put on for retinal detachment 7 months ago. I am fully corrected to 20/20 with a hard contact correcting a corneal aberration that causes problems at night driving. I have had a "heady" "unbalanced" feeling since the surgery. My eyes have a drastic diopter difference, maybe 8, and the surgical eye is my pure dominant eye, the one needing more correction. the buckle did not cause much of a change, I have always lived with a difference of image size, and a single dominant eye, so not sure why I cant adjust now, or if something else is going on.
always had a bit of trouble at large stores, theme parks, especially the "honey i shrunk the kids" attraction. I feel that this is an extension of what always bothered me a little.
any ideas?
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Your problem is due to image size difference "aneisoconia" one of our regulars JodiJ has written about it extensively and shared her experiences. Use the search feature and archives to access those discussions or post another question and address it to JodieJ

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i have been unbalanced from a month  now..i recently had a eye test..and my eye sights weeker then before..and i have an ent appoitmnet after 2 weeks..so  do u people think unbalancing was due to eye sight??plzzzzzz help
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laraa your question is not answerable here. you need to see an Eye MD ophthalmologist
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I have had that "heady" and "unbalanced" feeling for 20 years now.  Originally, I wasn't having any eye problems at age 37, when it first occurred.  But I know exactly what you mean.  You described the sensation accurately.

I went to doctors, including a neurologist, and no cause was ever determined, so I learned to live with my "light-headedness", and it took many years.  I don't know what normal feels like.

I don't want to minimize your concerns, but on the other hand, I want you to know that I've met other people who have the same problem.  You are not alone, whether your problem is eye-related, or something totally unexplainable.

The only other time I ever had the sensation was when I was on the antibiotic Minocin in my twenties.  My doctor warned me that I might have the sensation while taking that drug, and sure enough, I did.

Please see the doctor.  But the best advice I can offer you is to remain calm.  Don't stress.  Put your mind on something else.  I wish I had that advice originally, because I caused myself a couple of other, needless symptoms simply because I worried so much and didn't know what was wrong.  Those secondary symptoms eventually went away, but it took a lot of work.  I had to learn to breathe better and let some muscular release happen.

I hope this helps.

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